If you commit a crime you lose your rights. I didn’t know that the thirteenth amendment allowed for slavery as a form of punishment. Millions of addicts locked up, working for pennies an hour, for the profit of a private business. It costs $4.00 to make a phone call in some institutions. Of course those in jail chose to break the law… but most inmates haven’t committed violent crimes. Maybe they harmed their family and community? Surely locking them away with unreasonable costs associated with interaction is additionally harmful not helpful. Not all criminals are toxic people. There is no chance for redemption. Try finding a decent job with a criminal record. Find a nice apartment? Oh yeah their credit is probably awful too cause you can’t pay bills when you are locked up. And it costs $4.00 to make a phone call. The wealthy make the laws though, and these problems don’t affect them. The poor are hopeless or dream of winning the lottery or becoming famous. I wish I had “X”. If you want something take it. There is power in the masses. But everyone seems so limited and focused on their small circle of influence. Spread the good word. I found some things to believe in; perhaps many others can too.