3.5million tourists visit Duluth every year. This last year tourist tax brought in over 10 million dollars. This funds are used to turn Duluth from an abandoned industry town into a booming tourist destination. Beautiful town. Also hiking trails with complete nature running throughout the entire town. I wondered how it was possible that these trails existed; wouldn’t someone want to make money off this land? But nature is a commodity and it can be sold! I like it. Paying over 10% sales tax at any restaurant is annoying, but I believe this contributes to the mentality of the resident.

Cooking at home!

There is a least two well recognized high end kitchen supply companies in Duluth. When people cook at home they make healthier food. They weaken the chains of the food industry that insists they can cook for us, for less money. Neither of which is true. Home cooked food is typically healthier for physical and emotion health. It brings families together and brings attention to what people are actually eating. How often does someone ask what is in this dish at McDonald’s? No one wants to know the details of where their food came from when they know the answer is disturbing. “Don’t tell me that while I’m eating!”. When food is made by an individual ingredients are chosen individually. Nutrition is considered. A new schema for consumption is fostered.

Of course there are many factors besides tax in changing culture. But high tax on restaurants does make some people stop and think about going out, and thinking leads to change.

Does anyone else think we need change?

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