I had some people, a middle aged mother and her younger daughter, ask for a “blue drink”. We all played along when the pink drink  became popularized. After all, it much easier to just give people what they want and not  to confuse them with extraneous information like what it is they actually ordered. So now Instagram stars are creating the menu. I said I wasn’t familiar with the blue drink and asked if they knew the recipe. They did not. No problem; google knew what I was searching for two letters after I entered blue. Not really a meaningful interaction. I am more impressed with the power of social media. People will blindly imitate things they see in their news feed. Not a new phenomenon, but the fact that these people weren’t carefully selected and groomed to fulfill a particular purpose by a corporation is! How quickly can things change? Sure our every action online is recorded. Movements and ideas are monitored. Those that threaten the status quo are antagonized to horrific severity. Seriously look up Chelsea Manning. They released information proving US war crimes and crimes against humanity along with astonishing corruption and she is the one that goes to jail! One cannot expose human rights violations without being in contempt of national security. Imagined safety has become the greatest value. We make millions live in constant terror of drone strikes that are completely unforeseeable to the people that live in these areas. How does one sleep at night knowing their children could be instantly vaporized at any second. Civilian deaths are not unusual at all. The US has killed more civilians in our war on terror than they have killed soldiers of ours. Our lives matter more than theirs. They accidently blew up a Doctors Without Borders hospital. They had multiple warnings and were full aware of their actions. No big deal. No war crime. Blow up all the hospitals you want. What are we really doing. They attacked us long after we came into their countries. But, it is Independence Day this weekend. We can celebrate our freedom. We can watch fireworks, which ironically triggers PSTD in those that sacrificed the most for that freedom. We can be glad we don’t live in a dictatorship where people are killed without reason and those that speak out are silenced… We can go to work and earn money to buy things and live comfortable, healthy lives. Some of us at least.

Iraq Civilian Death Toll