Today we celebrate. This thing called life. How does the rest of the world see our celebrations. Bombs bursting in air. We bomb other parts of the world then celebrate with flashy colorful explosions. Fireworks originated in China I believe. Such a day of great hypocrisy! We watch terrific air shows. Independence from whom. The UK seems quite similar to the US. Less corporate power perhaps, not a good example of the masses voting in the best interest of the country lately. Still misinformed unfortunately. While we are ever so grateful¬†for the freedoms of this country, slavery is very much alive abroad and within. We should celebrate the unfortunate souls that must be exploited to make this way of life possible. Not sustainable, our society lives like a frat boy partying on student loan money. Degrading others for the pure joy of it. Happy holidays. I’m just glad I don’t feel obligated to waste my day drinking and grilling with a bunch of phony asshats.