Another day. The official stance on “our” “democratic” nominee to be is that yeah she broke some laws and handled top secret information with disregard and carelessness, but no one is gonna charge her because.. Umm, only poor people have to face consequences when they are caught? How many frivolous trivialities has one had to endure. Harassed by police for no reasonable cause. How can anyone support a nominee who has flagrantly committed these acts with no consequence. Accountability seems something that most people can agree on. Except those that it applies to, and they are already in position. Why would anyone change a broken system that got them where they are. Morals or Justice. Those sentiments seem to be shut down and ridiculed with impunity. Standing up or protesting against the corporations and their political machine gets you labeled as a terrorist. And terrorists are the devil! Any association or accusation of being in the realm of terror will strip you of your rights and credibility with zero due process. Have to keep United States citizens safe though. No, just white ones with money. Or their friends  Truly a privileged class exists. There is no use to deny it. Seething inequality festers at the core of the American DREAM.