What kind of democracy blindly follows unelected officials. Hell, democracy implies free thought. Blindly following anything is foolish. Hence the ubiquity of ignorance. How can people rigidly support party lines and still feel they have a choice. They believe what they were raised to? Of course some are soo rebellious as to agree with the “opposite” party. As if the world was so black and white to be solvable with a simple dichotomy. Religious belief that real or implanted issues would ever so much better off if only the “other” party didn’t interfere are blanketed across all social circles; to some extent.

Some see the systemic corruption and flaws however. Many disagree and see hypocrisy and injustice where others will justify literally anything. Would anyone argue that the US tortures innocent people. Only if they ar suspected of a “serious” crime though, and then the safety and security of the motherland Trumps all.

Solitary confinement is a great way to punish criminals. Buut, that is kind of expensive, aka not as profitable; so let’s put two people in a cell that doesn’t have the space for one person to fully extend. They lost their rights when they committed a crime. Damn piece of shit criminals. They aren’t human, why should they be treated better than our livestock. Actually, we have to eat cows, so make sure they have organic food and free range so they are healthy and happy. But, it isn’t fair to keep people locked up forever for ingesting compounds we readily feed our children to behave (amphetamines). So after being exposed to inhumane confinement and mental torture/anguish they should be released into the world. With an extra handicap of having a felony! So, no college loans and no decent job. Damn criminals should have thought of that hahaha.

I digress. Satire is serious.