The level of excitement of feeling of a movement is disturbing. Watching mere clips of convention speeches makes me feel the intense allure of propaganda. They preach to the choir. Who else besides supporters will listen to entire talks. Crowds are fired up and pitted against their enemy. Who in this case, always this case, is the “opposite” party. How foolish can we be to still adhere to this narrow minded schematic for government. They balance back and forth, but so little of consequence seems to occur. The most dramatic changes have no democracy involved. More civilians dead by drone bombs. Whoever responsible will have no consequences. No one voted to kill people with robots half the world away. The very idea we live in a democracy is foolish. Dare not say that to the heavily indoctrinated. Blue lives matter. Like people really think they don’t. Like the terrorists, some feel that retaliation is the only way to make the oppressors take them seriously. It doesn’t work; misunderstanding only gets worse. Crime is lower, yet more live in fear. How terrifying would it be to know that COALITION forces could bomb your home,incinerate you and all of your loved ones, with no provocation, at any time, with no accountability or consequences for injustice. Who are really the terror-ists?

So these conventions, they create and garner support. Sometimes unconditionally. Some actually make a big deal out of a republican voting for a democrat or vice-versa. How rebellious? Thinking independently should be assumed,should be the norm, not the exception. Does your political party define you as a person. Does your religion? Does your dining set?       No.    So don’t identify as ‘x’ and have special idiosyncratic differences. Be yourself and then relate to similarities. But we have to unify under a common banner to effect change? That has not been effective. Independent representatives actually representing the people that elected them might actually work. The political machine is dehumanizing people into senseless masses. The elite should not control everything into their favor. Revolution.