Imagine when puppies were born they were immediately taken from their mother; never to be seen by her again. The mother however, is biologically prepared to feed the offspring. No sense letting that precious milk go to waste… Rather tasty right?  Should probably put that life giving elixir into every meal. Now industrialize this process. Dogs are intentionally and repeatedly impregnated and harvested. They are kept in pens too narrow to turn around – they spend their entire life facing forward looking across to another row of pens just the same. All the puppies that are produced? Money to be made. Eat them and call it a delicacy. Puppy cutlets. So much profit to be had! Now we need moooooreee! 1.5 Billion canines. Not enough room – remove the worthless jungle taking up space. We need more dog milk. Gotta have our protein and calcium. Studies show that high calcium increases bone disease risk? Squash that shit. We’ll fund our own studies and only publish results that encourage more consumption. Ask a doctor about the symptoms of protein deficiency in subjects with appropriate calorie intake. Actually don’t. Protein = muscles – and muscles are manly! Yes! No worry there. Real men need extreme protein levels, so the more the better.

Obviously drinking dog milk is disgusting because… it just is – they are dogs… you just don’t do that. Freak. Dogs have feelings. We have Animal Planet to show us how sad mistreated dogs are. Horse milk? Also gross and also have feelings. Cows? Stupid bovines with no conception of mistreatment or feelings of any sort. Send the child out to take the calf away from the heifer. She won’t care, won’t even realize what is happening. Cow won’t produce anymore? Send her out to graze peacefully the remainder of its oblivious, worthless, stupid and pointless life. Just kidding! Steak!

All milk outside of juvenile nourishment can be objectively viewed as abnormal. There is no longer a need to consume whatever is possible. Sometimes converting grass into sustenance is part of survival. I would not treat animals the way they are treated just for their animal products. So unless I avoid consuming said products I am a hypocrite – and I am supporting the industry by giving them exactly what they want – my money and unquestioning loyalty.



Protein Deficiency

– see The China Study and Campbell’s rats