Just a thought: what if Trump was mocking Hilary’s rhetoric on blaming everyone but herself when he misspelled “unprecedented”. There has been a recent news cycle of how the FBI and Russian hackers colluded against her in which she says such things are unprecedented. Why are all these so called journalists omitting the content of said hacks?

The “Democratic” National Committee colluded to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming the presidential nominee. Fact. Bernie said as much during and after his campaign. No one even bothers to debate if it is true; that unpresidenting isn’t unprecedented. Same shit has been going on for decades. (I recommend Oliver Stone’s Untold History, specifically the part where Truman gets the VP ticket.) Corporate elite deciding politics is just how capitalism works.

But, the refreshed need to give credit to Russia for the results of our democratic election can only mean one thing – an attempt at an unprecedented unpresidentation. I was reminded that the electoral college vote is on Monday. (From a Russian news site… for some reason that particular bit of information was lacking in my other feeds.) What better way to sway public opinion and prime the people for an unexpected electoral vote outcome. “It’s ok… The delegates had to vote for Hilary, Trump cheated… the Russians stole the election for him.”

How has the same red herring been so effective for so long!? Seriously, as the US prepares a military buildup in Europe, Russia slashes its military budget by 30%. Read 1984 and tell me why this is important. Again, same shit. That book is more disturbing today than it was when it was written because, in spite of being universally recognized, our present has become increasingly similar to the dystopian future.

There is hope however. The masses have more power and access to information than ever before; but only if they know how to use and where to find it. A war for rights, representation, and self-realization rages on – often unnoticed but nonetheless very real.

Are you a peasant or person?

US military buildup in Europe:


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