Unpresidented Unprecedented

Just a thought: what if Trump was mocking Hilary’s rhetoric on blaming everyone but herself when he misspelled “unprecedented”. There has been a recent news cycle of how the FBI and Russian hackers colluded against her in which she says such things are unprecedented. Why are all these so called journalists omitting the content of said hacks?

The “Democratic” National Committee colluded to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming the presidential nominee. Fact. Bernie said as much during and after his campaign. No one even bothers to debate if it is true; that unpresidenting isn’t unprecedented. Same shit has been going on for decades. (I recommend Oliver Stone’s Untold History, specifically the part where Truman gets the VP ticket.) Corporate elite deciding politics is just how capitalism works.

But, the refreshed need to give credit to Russia for the results of our democratic election can only mean one thing – an attempt at an unprecedented unpresidentation. I was reminded that the electoral college vote is on Monday. (From a Russian news site… for some reason that particular bit of information was lacking in my other feeds.) What better way to sway public opinion and prime the people for an unexpected electoral vote outcome. “It’s ok… The delegates had to vote for Hilary, Trump cheated… the Russians stole the election for him.”

How has the same red herring been so effective for so long!? Seriously, as the US prepares a military buildup in Europe, Russia slashes its military budget by 30%. Read 1984 and tell me why this is important. Again, same shit. That book is more disturbing today than it was when it was written because, in spite of being universally recognized, our present has become increasingly similar to the dystopian future.

There is hope however. The masses have more power and access to information than ever before; but only if they know how to use and where to find it. A war for rights, representation, and self-realization rages on – often unnoticed but nonetheless very real.

Are you a peasant or person?

US military buildup in Europe:

Russian military cuts:


Control the Past

In conjunction with watching Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States, I have been listening to 1984 for the first time. Additionally research into the history of rhetoric has been at the forefront of my mind. The unfortunate reality is how divorced we are from reality. Even being informed has little effect on inciting action for change. How many millions believe the United States directly created the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks. Multiple faux documentaries present compelling evidence that this was an inside job. Yet there are no riots about this. Many of just stay at home, and nod politely in agreement when this topic comes up in social settings. Does that also make us complicit? And then diplomats and defense contractors collude to create foreign policy. Good for profit. Very good.

Everything is uncertain. What is one to do? Will I tell my children I watched the elite exploit and pervert while I sat at home playing video games? Life is a war. Will I be like a pet kept in my metaphorical cage? Why do I distaste injustice so much when I do not suffer? The oligarchy has created such a lovely and safe playground for me. Unless I weaken the walls or break the ‘rules’ I will be left alone. Where does my idea that using others for my benefit is wrong come from? Is that not capitalism!? Alas I am still so immature. This philosophical battle was fought decades ago. Surely there must have been a resolution…




Don’t Have a Cow Man.

Imagine when puppies were born they were immediately taken from their mother; never to be seen by her again. The mother however, is biologically prepared to feed the offspring. No sense letting that precious milk go to waste… Rather tasty right?  Should probably put that life giving elixir into every meal. Now industrialize this process. Dogs are intentionally and repeatedly impregnated and harvested. They are kept in pens too narrow to turn around – they spend their entire life facing forward looking across to another row of pens just the same. All the puppies that are produced? Money to be made. Eat them and call it a delicacy. Puppy cutlets. So much profit to be had! Now we need moooooreee! 1.5 Billion canines. Not enough room – remove the worthless jungle taking up space. We need more dog milk. Gotta have our protein and calcium. Studies show that high calcium increases bone disease risk? Squash that shit. We’ll fund our own studies and only publish results that encourage more consumption. Ask a doctor about the symptoms of protein deficiency in subjects with appropriate calorie intake. Actually don’t. Protein = muscles – and muscles are manly! Yes! No worry there. Real men need extreme protein levels, so the more the better.

Obviously drinking dog milk is disgusting because… it just is – they are dogs… you just don’t do that. Freak. Dogs have feelings. We have Animal Planet to show us how sad mistreated dogs are. Horse milk? Also gross and also have feelings. Cows? Stupid bovines with no conception of mistreatment or feelings of any sort. Send the child out to take the calf away from the heifer. She won’t care, won’t even realize what is happening. Cow won’t produce anymore? Send her out to graze peacefully the remainder of its oblivious, worthless, stupid and pointless life. Just kidding! Steak!

All milk outside of juvenile nourishment can be objectively viewed as abnormal. There is no longer a need to consume whatever is possible. Sometimes converting grass into sustenance is part of survival. I would not treat animals the way they are treated just for their animal products. So unless I avoid consuming said products I am a hypocrite – and I am supporting the industry by giving them exactly what they want – my money and unquestioning loyalty.



Protein Deficiency

– see The China Study and Campbell’s rats


Scary Conventions

The level of excitement of feeling of a movement is disturbing. Watching mere clips of convention speeches makes me feel the intense allure of propaganda. They preach to the choir. Who else besides supporters will listen to entire talks. Crowds are fired up and pitted against their enemy. Who in this case, always this case, is the “opposite” party. How foolish can we be to still adhere to this narrow minded schematic for government. They balance back and forth, but so little of consequence seems to occur. The most dramatic changes have no democracy involved. More civilians dead by drone bombs. Whoever responsible will have no consequences. No one voted to kill people with robots half the world away. The very idea we live in a democracy is foolish. Dare not say that to the heavily indoctrinated. Blue lives matter. Like people really think they don’t. Like the terrorists, some feel that retaliation is the only way to make the oppressors take them seriously. It doesn’t work; misunderstanding only gets worse. Crime is lower, yet more live in fear. How terrifying would it be to know that COALITION forces could bomb your home,incinerate you and all of your loved ones, with no provocation, at any time, with no accountability or consequences for injustice. Who are really the terror-ists?

So these conventions, they create and garner support. Sometimes unconditionally. Some actually make a big deal out of a republican voting for a democrat or vice-versa. How rebellious? Thinking independently should be assumed,should be the norm, not the exception. Does your political party define you as a person. Does your religion? Does your dining set?       No.    So don’t identify as ‘x’ and have special idiosyncratic differences. Be yourself and then relate to similarities. But we have to unify under a common banner to effect change? That has not been effective. Independent representatives actually representing the people that elected them might actually work. The political machine is dehumanizing people into senseless masses. The elite should not control everything into their favor. Revolution.

Trump for Revolution

With Bernie out of the game, Donald Trump seems like the best chance for an American Global Revolution. People are so divided over this guy; even his own party has prominent and ostentatious dissidents. The Trump would not go over well. Anywhere. Like the Brexit voters, people would question themselves and become insecure or unsure. Just a tap past the tipping point would enact a serious of events that would change the face of imperial america. Patriotism clouds reality, but Mr Donald could reveal how awful the US and  its profits trump everything paradigm truly is. Sometimes a drastic amputation is needed. A slow bleeding death or something completely different.


They got to Bernie. Or was he always a politician like the rest of them. How can he use the word revolution and then support Hilary Clinton. How can a revolution be a slow incremental process. Faith in the system seems absurd when crimes against humanity persist. Inequality has increased. The war in the Middle East seems to be making backwards progress. Indigenous people are realizing who the real terrorists are. This keeps the cycle turning. And now we look to go back to Cold War with Russia!? Building up defenses and executing uncomfortably close war “games”. Not everyone respects the US entitlement to foreign occupation and exploitation for corporate profit. War is coming. Scary, heartless, destructive, but how else is a real revolution to occur. Governments and their military have been planning for this. They are itching for some action. A self-fulfilling prophecy of brutish reality.


What kind of democracy blindly follows unelected officials. Hell, democracy implies free thought. Blindly following anything is foolish. Hence the ubiquity of ignorance. How can people rigidly support party lines and still feel they have a choice. They believe what they were raised to? Of course some are soo rebellious as to agree with the “opposite” party. As if the world was so black and white to be solvable with a simple dichotomy. Religious belief that real or implanted issues would ever so much better off if only the “other” party didn’t interfere are blanketed across all social circles; to some extent.

Some see the systemic corruption and flaws however. Many disagree and see hypocrisy and injustice where others will justify literally anything. Would anyone argue that the US tortures innocent people. Only if they ar suspected of a “serious” crime though, and then the safety and security of the motherland Trumps all.

Solitary confinement is a great way to punish criminals. Buut, that is kind of expensive, aka not as profitable; so let’s put two people in a cell that doesn’t have the space for one person to fully extend. They lost their rights when they committed a crime. Damn piece of shit criminals. They aren’t human, why should they be treated better than our livestock. Actually, we have to eat cows, so make sure they have organic food and free range so they are healthy and happy. But, it isn’t fair to keep people locked up forever for ingesting compounds we readily feed our children to behave (amphetamines). So after being exposed to inhumane confinement and mental torture/anguish they should be released into the world. With an extra handicap of having a felony! So, no college loans and no decent job. Damn criminals should have thought of that hahaha.

I digress. Satire is serious.


Another day. The official stance on “our” “democratic” nominee to be is that yeah she broke some laws and handled top secret information with disregard and carelessness, but no one is gonna charge her because.. Umm, only poor people have to face consequences when they are caught? How many frivolous trivialities has one had to endure. Harassed by police for no reasonable cause. How can anyone support a nominee who has flagrantly committed these acts with no consequence. Accountability seems something that most people can agree on. Except those that it applies to, and they are already in position. Why would anyone change a broken system that got them where they are. Morals or Justice. Those sentiments seem to be shut down and ridiculed with impunity. Standing up or protesting against the corporations and their political machine gets you labeled as a terrorist. And terrorists are the devil! Any association or accusation of being in the realm of terror will strip you of your rights and credibility with zero due process. Have to keep United States citizens safe though. No, just white ones with money. Or their friends  Truly a privileged class exists. There is no use to deny it. Seething inequality festers at the core of the American DREAM.

Force of July

Today we celebrate. This thing called life. How does the rest of the world see our celebrations. Bombs bursting in air. We bomb other parts of the world then celebrate with flashy colorful explosions. Fireworks originated in China I believe. Such a day of great hypocrisy! We watch terrific air shows. Independence from whom. The UK seems quite similar to the US. Less corporate power perhaps, not a good example of the masses voting in the best interest of the country lately. Still misinformed unfortunately. While we are ever so grateful for the freedoms of this country, slavery is very much alive abroad and within. We should celebrate the unfortunate souls that must be exploited to make this way of life possible. Not sustainable, our society lives like a frat boy partying on student loan money. Degrading others for the pure joy of it. Happy holidays. I’m just glad I don’t feel obligated to waste my day drinking and grilling with a bunch of phony asshats.

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